Chijoku no Seifuku

Chijoku no Seifuku

May. 20, 2016
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1Season 1 May. 20, 2016





The protagonist spends his days aimlessly toying with equipment and watching pornography. He was requested to live at his condo by a buddy who was hospitalized after a car accident with his repair shop. Akemi, who lives in the same flat as him, asks him to fix an electrical equipment one day. He enters her room, but on the spur of the moment, he plants a camera. He was effective in recording Akemi’s life and was enthralled by his crimes. Following that, he receives a request from Kasumi, whom he had long adored, to repair something, and he ends up placing a camera in her room as well. When he got home to check Kasumi’s tape, he saw the girl wearing disgusting underwear and lost in masturbation. Kasumi’s sexual side shocks the protagonist, prompting him to exit the room to clear his brain, when he ran into Akemi. Akemi has always excited him with her body, and he instinctively raped her with lust on his mind. He blackmails her to keep her quiet after regaining his faculties. He returned to his room, despite his first horror at what he’d done. It was the first time he had ever felt the body of a woman. As a result, he devised a plan. He is able to rape Kasumi and other beautiful women using the illicit recordings.

Chijoku no Seifuku
Original title 恥辱の制服
First air date May. 20, 2016
Last air date Jun. 17, 2016
Seasons 1
Episodes 2

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