Feb. 05, 2016
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1Season 1 Feb. 05, 2016





This is Azarashi Soft’s first game, released under the Nexton label.

Even though it was only the end of November, Yomase-machi, a hot springs town, was already transformed into a winter wonderland, thanks to the falling snow. Yuuki traveled to this icy village to assist his grandparents in shoveling snow at their home, Yamanouchi-sou, a former boarding house. He met many kind people, like Sayuki, a shrine maiden concerned about her inability to properly greet visitors, Mizuki, his mysterious but amusing housemate and senpai, and Koharu, the joyful and energetic kouhai mascot of the neighborhood cafe. Even though he was still lost, he made an effort to adjust to life in this frigid region. At the time, his grandfather advised him to find love while he was still young and start a new life. It’s now or never for him to take the plunge and fall in love.

Original title アマカノ
First air date Feb. 05, 2016
Last air date Jan. 06, 2017
Seasons 1
Episodes 4

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